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With the National Cadastre and Land Registries

Following the enactment of Law 3481/2006, the newly established institution of National Cadastre ("Ethniko Ktimatologio") has been increasingly entering into our lives when it comes to property registrations within Greece. In a nutshell, the Cadastre is an integrated system, admittedly more effective than the old system of registrations and mortgages supported by the Land Registry Offices. By registering their properties in the Cadastre, owners achieve the full registration of information relating to each and every property individually, combining both spatial and legal details.

So far not all areas of Greece have been proclaimed under National Cadastre registration; nevertheless the owners of properties/land which are located in such areas must submit the relevant title deeds and topographic diagrams in order to ensure registration of their properties/land with the National Cadastre under the relevant owner's name.

In the event that you own property/land in Greece, it is essential that you take all requisite steps to perfect your title and procure that your property is registered with the National Cadastre.

We have the knowledge and capacity to carry out for and on behalf of our clients all requisite procedures for the perfecting and recording of our clients' titles with the National Cadastre. In the event that a property has not been registered with the National Cadastre by the stipulated deadlines we assist our clients with all requisite judicial remedies for outstanding registration with or rectification of National Cadastre records.

Our Unique Philosophy: To ensure that our clients gain the maximum legal understanding and benefit in Greece, we consistently provide the highest quality legal representation and advice in both the Greek and English languages.

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