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Balassis & Associates Law Office was established in 2000 and today offers combined legal experience of more than 25 years. All the team members of Balassis & Associates Law Office are English-speaking lawyers while they also speak French, Italian Spanish and Portuguese, and of course Greek. While our legal practice is Athens-based, we practice throughout Greece and have established associations with law offices in Thessaloniki and Cyprus.

Balassis & Associates Law Office is able to represent its clients in both contentious and non-contentious matters throughout Greece. We are committed to providing high quality Greek legal services based on efficiency, consistency and professionalism. Our philosophy is aimed at establishing solid, long-lasting relationships with our clients and the satisfaction of our current, long-standing clientele is testament to that. Our objective is to give high quality Greek legal advice with a commercial insight through an efficiently managed professional, Athens-based legal practice that will best facilitate our clients' legal and business affairs in Greece.

Our Unique Philosophy: To ensure that our clients gain the maximum legal understanding and benefit in Greece, we consistently provide the highest quality legal representation and advice in both the Greek and English languages.

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